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For our online casino test, we have set ten criteria that allow us to view and objectively evaluate all aspects of a gambling provider.

It starts with the selection of games, but also takes into account the payment methods and any fees, the software platform and the existing mobile app, the accessibility of the customer service, the breakdown of the payment installments and the bonus offers and promotions. Security was also discussed and a valid gambling license was not part of the rating, as it is a prerequisite for testing the casino at all.

With the bonus points we would also like to deal with minor issues that were not part of the direct test, but should not be ignored, such as awards at international awards.

How extensive is the game offer?

The game offer is the alpha and omega of a casino. Unlike in a real casino, there are many different games available to you, and I do not just mean roulette and blackjack in general – each of these games should be offered in different variations.

While limited in the casino due to the limited interiors and staff in the offer of different games, one is in an online casino technically not restricted.

So you will not only find European and American roulette online, but also multi wheel, rockin, pinball or card roulette and much more.

The same applies to blackjack and slot machines. This has resulted in a particularly broad range of slots, with some gaming manufacturers such as Microgaming offering their online casinos up to 800 different slot machines in a wide range of variations.

At the same time, the casino should also pay attention to a balanced range of games. Anyone who owns over 300 slot games should also be able to offer a good selection of roulette and blackjack tables.

Slots, roulette and blackjack were considered more critical as these casino games are the most popular in European y.

Video poker, scratch cards or dice games such as craps, however, are played less often – but should not be missing in a decent online casino. In this comparison we did not consider the live games because they were examined in their own category.

Overall, BetVictor has the best game selection in my opinion. There are still providers with even more games, but BetVictor has the more balanced offer from all game categories.

How good is the bonus offer?

In the search for a casino also the welcome offer plays an important role, because this determines on which bonus payments or free spins your first deposits are rewarded.

Since this is a very extensive topic, we have dealt with this on an extra page.

The casino bonus overview page will tell you all the details you should know about these offers.

What are the payout percentages of the games?

An often underrated topic. Everyone knows that they exist somehow, but nobody knows them exactly.

There are the wildest speculations about how and when a machine pays, etc. In the following overview you will find the payout percentages for the individual casino games of each provider.

The values ​​are given as a percentage and tell you how much of the total bets will be returned to the players – that does not mean how much you’ll win as a player, because that’s subject to very high variance in the short term.

Sometimes you have no profit for a whole day or you land the big litter and win a big jackpot. But when you look at the big picture, you find that the actual payout rate across all players and a longer period of time is very close to the theoretical payout rate listed in the respective rules. At the same time, the 100 percent missing reflects the house edge of the casino.

In the casinos with Microgaming software, there is no information about the theoretical RTP in the individual game descriptions. Here, there is only the actual payout rates published by eCOGRA, but only the average for all slots, all table games and all poker games and the average RTP for all games are listed.

On the values ​​listed here you can see that the Microgaming games are quite competitive, but there are deduction points for the missing RTP of individual games for the overall rating. Here Microgaming should work on the transparency of its games, I want to know which slots I have the best chances for.

In this overview, it is also noticeable that the differences in the individual casinos are not so great – especially when you look at the payout rates of machines in the games. While the so-called RTP (return to player) in the classic casino games such as roulette or blackjack is very high, the values ​​are in the slot machines slightly lower – but usually over 90%.

The green and red marked values ​​are only the highest and lowest maximum values. The difference between “good” and “bad” is very small, so that all casinos received a pretty good rating.

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What does the RTP look like at slots in the arcade? Here you can not just a percentage value given because the devices are controlled so that they comply with the valid in European y regulation on gaming equipment and other games with profit opportunity (Spielverordnung – SpielV).

Here, the winnings after deduction of the stakes may not exceed 400 € per hour, at the same time the stakes and the game speed must be set so that the losses (stakes minus winnings) exceed 60 €.

In addition, after 3 hours of game operation, the gaming device has to be put into hibernation for at least 5 minutes, the money memory is emptied and all display elements are set to a predefined initial state.

But if you calculate out the VAT of 19% from the profits, you end up with 81% and there is not even the house edge for the Spielothek, which has to cover their much higher costs to online casinos. On the internet one still reads very often of a minimum distribution of 60%, but this does not exist with the new regulation any more.

In fact, the RTP in an arcade should be even lower, which also matches our casino experience. Different with online casinos. There are no such provisions and the value calculated mathematically from the game rule of about 95% is actually achieved.

Clear website and modern software?

You can also rate the software and website. Here, one or the other wonders what this has to do with the quality of casinos? Very easily. The software is not programmed by the casino itself, but provided by a software developer.

Above all, NetEnt and Playtech are among the most well-known software providers in this industry and can convince above all with a high-quality live area. In some cases, these developers are subsidiaries of the casino (for example, Dragonfish 888), but even then, this software is used by other providers. Comparing two casinos with the same software, it is striking that they use essentially the same games and the software itself looks very similar. In addition, the casinos without download software all games are integrated directly into the website.
In the software itself, we have paid attention to clarity, easy and intuitive operation and contemporary graphics.

We also looked at how easy it is to find specific information about bonus terms, payout rates or deposit fees. Do you have to first click through many pages and read in the fine print or are all the details provided transparently and easily accessible?

All in all, the casinos have beaten our experience quite well, there are only a few negative points, but one should mention. Ladbrokes was the only provider that did not offer any European -language download software.

Together with the only partially European -speaking support is not a really respectable offer. Suppliers such as the MegaCasino or SpinPalace also have no European -language terms and conditions and at EuroPalace these are unclearly distributed on several pages.