Online slots for real money

How did we determine the payout rates?

A true test of disbursement rates (RTP) was not possible with our funds. It’s not enough just to run a few games and count bets and wins – the variance is just too big for that, and even after several thousand games, the value of the mathematically calculated average may vary greatly.

The calculations of the RTP have already been carried out by the regulatory authorities who have analyzed the rules of the game in detail and approved the game.

The calculation is very complex and you also have to know the probability of occurrence of the individual symbols that have to submit the game manufacturers in the test.

How did we come to our results? Nowadays, in almost every online casino, the theoretical RTP for each individual game is given directly in the game description. Not only did we pick out the highest and lowest value of the game category, but we also looked at the area in which these values ​​are mainly moving.

For example, in the slot machines the RTP can be between 80% and 98%. That alone does not say much. But if you have the information that only one game has less than 90% and more than three quarters of the games are more than 95%, things look quite different again.

In this case we omit the one machine from the rating and adjust the lower limit of the RTP accordingly.

Additional information about the software test

For the criteria, I have already described how we evaluated the software. One detail is missing there however: the minimum requirements.

These include not only the hardware, but also the software such as the operating system or additional required programs or browser plug-ins. If the casino on page website provides information, we have taken over.

If these are missing, we have tried to find out. Since usually these minimum requirements are very low and we do not have any arbitrary old test computers, we have ultimately limited ourselves to the lowest hardware and software requirements, which we could prove with our equipment.

How did we try the payment methods?

When we tested the payment options, we limited ourselves to sampling. Essentially, we collected all the information available from the casino sites and only made a test deposit in the event of missing or unclear information.

At the same time we were able to check at which point the identity check takes place. As a rule, this is done on the first payout, but some providers do so after or even before the first deposit.

The advantages of online casinos and what you should know when switching

Anyone who knows gambling only from casinos or gambling houses and intends to play on the internet, should know the main differences between offline and online casinos when switching.

The juxtaposition of the two variants also highlights the numerous advantages offered by the game on the Internet.

Right at the top of the list of advantages is the much larger range of games, which can also be tried for the most part free of charge.

With an Internet casino, you do not have to limit yourself to the machines and table games that are set up, but you can always start one of the many different games of chance.

At the same time, all these games are available in theoretically unlimited numbers, so if you want to play 10,000 players at the same time the same machine, so this is possible without any problems – here you do not have to wait and wait until the desired game is free.

The only exception to this rule are some of the live dealer games. For most of these real dealer games, there is no limit to the number of participating players.

A roulette, baccarat, three card poker or casino holdem table does not care how many bets are made as long as the software is in control of all bets.

Only blackjack games have limitations. A maximum of 7 players per table can play here, but for all others the option of Bet Behind is available, so that several players can also participate in these games of chance.

Furthermore, the opening hours are no longer limited. An online casino is open around the clock and on weekends as well as on public holidays. There are no mandatory breaks, such as in a European games room, where the games are emptied and customer service is available 24/7 in most cases.

At the same time, one must also note the consistently high payout ratios, which are much higher than in the gaming arcades and casinos. While there are only marginal differences in the classic games, this is especially evident in the slot machines.

Otherwise you do not have to know much as a newcomer to Internet gambling. Before you start with the game for real money you only have to make a deposit.

Not only are there a lot of payment options available, but there are also usually for the initial deposit (and often beyond) a bonus in the same amount – but more on the comparison page to the bonus offers.

Conclusion: many reputable online casinos with secure gambling

For European players, the market looks very good. There is plenty of choice of legal and reliable casino offering you many games and a mobile app as well as secure payment methods and a European speaking customer service.

The differences between the individual providers are sometimes quite large, but with the help of the experience of our detailed comparison, you already have a good overview of the market and you can specifically select the appropriate casino provider.

The best online casino for European players is that of 888. Our test winner is not only one of the oldest online providers at all, 888 has also been awarded by most iGaming companies by far the most in international awards – including several years in a row for “Best Online Casino of the Year “. Just behind it is the InterCasino in second place.

This is even the very first online casino where you can play for real money. And this provider has received several awards in its now 20-year history, including some of the best casino providers. As the overall result shows, a large game selection is not always synonymous with a good casino.

But all the following casinos are very well suited for European players, but one or the other provider has small disadvantages that affect more or less depending on your preferences. For this circumstance we have listed the individual ratings of each provider in the main review. There you can read exactly what advantages and disadvantages the respective casino has.